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Digital Nomads: How to become one and travel the world?

Traveling the globe while getting paid to do what we love sounds like the ideal life to live. Achieving this was quite difficult before, as office work is usually liked to one specific location. However, with today’s leading changes in technology, it has become much easier to work form the distance and be connected to your colleagues. Being a freelancer is also a good way to achieve this dream as work can be done from all parts of the world.

So, who is a digital nomad, and why is it so popular these days?

The truth is, a lot of people are unfulfilled in life and unhappy in their jobs. Living in one location and doing the same thing for decades can be an explanation for this. Everyday grind, stress, income problems can lead to a drastic change in lifestyle when a person really had enough.

People dream of roaming the wild, following the stars and the most adventurous ones are fulfilling it as well. The beauty is that one can live and work from exotic places, and enjoy getting to know local cultures. But how is it manageable? Today we summarised 5 essential tips for the ones who are willing to get a taste of digital nomad lifestyle.

1. Come to terms with financial backgrounds

You do not want to start off traveling the world by a huge debt or without any savings for vis maior situations. Get your finances in order, track every income and spending to see what consumes most of your money. Also, get a good travel insurance which should cover all kinds of health, theft or disaster-related emergencies.

2. Have the technical background

Purchase a phone that is unlocked and not linked to any provider. This way every kind of SIM card should be fit for use in your device, and you won’t have problems with not being able to make a phone call locally. Also, get a Skype and a WhatsApp profile for cost-effective international calls.

3. Rent out your house and move your belongings

Continuous income is a very important part of being able to finance yourself in the long run, and getting rent money is a good start until your business kicks in. Move your belongings to a safe storage house to avoid being robbed, and rent out your home to trustworthy people, so your property will be in good hands.

4. Get the job you love

Whether it is free-lancing, simple home office, or telework, you must find your call. Without a stable job, being a digital nomad is just a long holiday session which is consuming a lot of time and money. If you want to start your own freelancing business fields that are linked to online activity are the best choice. Or find a company that has no office space in the traditional way, but offers home office or telework options for all the employees.

6. Store your information safely in the cloud

When it comes to online working cloud-based solutions are inevitable. Always take into consideration that free cloud services lack encryption techniques, and providers have back-door access to the data stored there. This means an opportunity for hackers to steal data and private information. Choose a provider which has proper safety regulations described, even if it means a little extra cost. In the long run, it is much better to pay a small fee for security than being hacked on the road, far from home.

All in all, with today’s working condition it is not impossible to get a job somewhere around the world and disappear from the daily hassles. With careful planning being a digital nomad is not something exotic, but a manageable way of life.


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