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The importance of secure data storing

Data is the heart of business. A thirst for information drives the world and cloud-based options make it easy and manageable to store huge amount of data at one place. However, space is not the only thing that is worth paying for. In the long run, storing data in the cloud with safety measurements is the most reliable solution.

Protection against data theft and losses

Cyber-attacks and information theft is not a new threat to data storage. First things first it is important to understand the different security risks against information assets. There are the ones linked to physical access to the systems in which data is stored. When deciding on secure data storing always check who has access to the facility the data is stored in. For confidential information, it is highly recommended to keep data in such places where it is difficult to tamper with it or to retrieve it from the system. Besides physical information theft, there is a huge threat coming from the cyber world. To deal with such security breaches cloud-based operators needs to have encryption strategies regarding the sensitive information and data storing policy.


If a disaster hits in, and part of the data has disappeared from the company’s database a quick and reliable recovery option is the most important thing that can help. Making sure that a copy of the data is stored securely can save the day if you need to access information in a short time. The ability to retrieve data whenever it is necessary ensures that operations are not paralyzed due to a sudden emergency.

Space saving

Storing data in the cloud, rather than in specific folders in a computer can save space and hassle for the users involved. Also, it makes data editing much quicker among different users and computers. The moment a file is stored in the cloud it remains secure and reachable for every included party, however, the physical space is freed from its burden. Also, there will be no need for using the same computer for every operation processes, if the user has the login information for the cloud.


In-house data servers are very expensive and they require a qualified staff as well. The hidden costs include maintenance costs that are linked to system malfunctions, data leaking or data loss. With cloud-based storing you can avoid these fees. Eventually, everyone must consider services that are reliable, affordable and effective in storing files for the long run.

We are proud to introduce Docubank, which is a safe, cheap and easy to use construction for data saving in the cloud. Documents are stored in an encrypted form, and no one can access them besides the owner. None of the uploaded data is shared with a third party and even system operators have no back-door connection to the stored files.

If you are interested in DocuBank, or need further information, you can access it here.


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