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Secure Document Management Solution

Store your personal and confidential documents in a safe, reliable archive Keep your documents secure in the cloud.

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Secure document cloud

Where your store your sensitive documents

DocuBank is a secure document cloud solution where you can know your documents are as safe as if you had deposited them in a bank strongroom. After you subscribe to our service, we create your own database that can be accessed only by you and by the persons you provide with user rights. No one can get at your DocuBank account and documents, not even employees of the service operator.

Because the documents are stored in encrypted form, these can only and exclusively be accessed and downloaded by users of the account, so we have no means or possibility of sharing your documents with a third party.

DocuBank is not only a storage solution, but there is also a comprehensive document management service in the cloud. For detailed information on our various service packs, please take a tour on our website. Study all the options offered by the various packages and select the DocuBank solution package that best satisfies your needs! View More  


Security Granted

Secure Access

Users can log in to your DocuBank account with a unique user ID and password. We also provide two-factor authentication supported by hardware and mobile tokens in order to increase access security.

Private Account

Only your documents and their data have a place in the database associated with your own DocuBank account. In the spirit of zero knowledge policy, only you and the users of your account can access the database.

Secure communication

All data communication is made on secure channels with HTTPS connection that guarantees encrypted communication and secure identification.

Secure storage

Documents uploaded to the DocuBank document cloud are stored with AES 256 bit encryption in the database associated with your account.

Controlled Document Access

In DocuBank no unauthorized access to your documents is allowed. Changes carried out on document data are monitored and logged in the document history.

Secure operation

The operational security of our service is guaranteed by the RAID 6 architecture employed and the redundant server environment located in EU data centers.

DocuBank Plans

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One Year Plan€655

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  • 5+ users
  • 5000 documents
  • 2 TB
  • 2 months FREE


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  • 5+1 users
  • 2500 documents
  • 1 TB
  • Full function DMS solution


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  • 1+1 users
  • 1000 documents
  • 500 GB
  • Full function DMS solution

Private End-To-End (PETE) encryption

Compared to other End-To-End encryption methods, DocuBank ensures a higher encryption key protection. If you use DocuBank’s PETE client-side encryption, no information about the key used for the encryption will be sent through the network and will not be stored in DocuBank’s system anywhere.

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