Do not let a document approval slow down your work. Approve documents online with DocuBank

Secure document management in the cloud. Tailored to your needs.

Store your documents in a safe, reliable archive.
With private end-to-end encryption for all records.


Document sharing. Controlled document access.

Regulate access to your documents for users of your account, share your documents individually, even with external persons.

Flexible, efficient work

Exploiting the advantages of cloud technology, your working hours can now be completely flexible. All you need is a device with internet access (tablet, notebook, smartphone).

Secure document cloud

Store and manage your documents in a secure cloud solution. We recommend our solution for sole proprietors, startups, small work groups and also medium sized companies.

Customized solution for everyone

Expand the datasheets in our service with additional fields according to your unique requirements, modify the main data groups used for systematizing documents (category, type, project, etc.)

More than a file storage

DocuBank is not only a usual file storage service with folders and tagging, it is a full function online document management solution with enterprise grade security.

Advanced language support

Use DocuBank in the five predetermined languages indicated in the service, set the language that each of your colleagues wishes to use. DocuBank supports the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian.

Secure document management

DocuBank is a secure document cloud solution where you can store your private or corporate documents. Your documents are stored encrypted in your own database that can be accessed only by the users of your account.
To learn more about DocuBank and find the solution package that best suits your needs, take a tour on our website.

Data security
Flexibility of use
Document management
Workflow management

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Industry-independent solution

Our DocuBank service offers everyone an appropriate solution, from the needs of a single user sole proprietor, via work groups, all the way to small and medium-sized enterprise customers with multiple users. Thanks to the configuration of the solution, the service may be used to full effect by any field of business.

Upgrade, extend, or cancel anytime.

With an increase in your requirements, you can change from any of our service packages to a higher package at any time. Besides expanding the functions and available storage space, in our highest package you can also increase the number of users and documents at will.

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Document registering and management

Upload files and register them using meta data provided by the system or customized by yourself. Organize your documents into categories and types, use registry books and create projects.

Documents uploaded into the cloud can be listed according to all their meta data. While browsing the listed documents, simplified data sheets and previews make your searching easier.

Document registration

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