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Document evaluation, multi-level approval processes.

The operation of a company is considerably influenced by the authorization processes of the important documents. The limitations of movement of hardcopy-based documents, the absence of colleagues (home office, conferences, work carried out on external locations), as well as the work processes affecting more than one premises may considerably slow down the approval of a document. Switch over to online authorization and reach a considerable increase in efficiency with respect to management of your approval processes.View More  

Do not let a document approval slow down your work. Approve documents online with DocuBank

In-built document approval workflow

Select our Basic or Professional package and make use the advantages of the approval management module of our service. Replace your hard copy-based authorization by online processes.

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Approval made easy

Multi-level approval

Thanks to our multi-level approval processes, you may your documents approved at any level and by approvers even in a number you wish.

Individual approval processes

You may create individual processes by type (and by project), so your invoices, contracts, or HR documents will go through various authorization processes.

E-mail notifications

Your approvers are notified of their approval tasks by e-mail. Hereafter, they can hand in their evaluation from anywhere, at any time, even by using our mobile applications.

Version control

If your document version is refused, you may restart the authorization process by creating a new version. Preparation of the new version may be assisted by the evaluators’ comments attached to your earlier, refused version.

DocuBank is a secure flexible reliable document management solution in the cloud.

DocuBank is not only a document storage option, but also a comprehensive yet easy-to-use cloud-based document management solution that covers the whole lifecycle of handling company documents.