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Cloud archiving is a great way to retain long-term data. Infrequently accessed files are often lost or stored inadequately even though they can hold sensitive information. Cloud-based data storing can be a handy solution for accessing those files easily, but only if they comply with safety regulations regarding data storing policies. 

Cloud-based archiving has been a popular solution since the appearance of online storing systems, as it is easy to use, and files can be accessed anytime. View More  

Get your documents organized with DocuBank Save time and money by creating your online document archive.

The New Way to archive documents. organize records.

Systematise your documents uploaded to the DocuBank document cloud, even in multiple dimensions.
With an increase in your requirements, you can change from any of our service packages to a higher package at any time. Besides expanding the functions and available storage space, in our highest package you can also increase the number of users and documents at will.
Access your documents from anywhere at any time. Even from your mobile devices.

Store and organize

Store your documents in the DocuBank cloud in an organized form. Develop your own system of documentation, be more efficient.

Create your archive

Store your files in your own archive. Create a contract store, a client document archive, or any file-based register. You can upload documents of any type into the DocuBank cloud.

Share and collaborate

Work together with your colleagues and partners efficiently. Allow access to your account or share your documents through encrypted channels.

Unique data of documents

Record unique data of your documents in unique fields, and make systemization and retrieval of your documents even more efficient.

Search and retrieve

Reduce worktime used for searching documents. Make searches among your documents by using all recorded data thereof.

Controlled document access

By using DocuBank , your documents can be accessed by those only whom you have granted access for. Protect your sensitive documents by using client-side extra encryption.


Secure document management

DocuBank is a secure document cloud solution where you can store your private or corporate documents. Your documents are stored encrypted in your own database that can be accessed only by the users of your account.
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