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If you are familiar with the concept of online file storages (like Google Drive or Dropbox), it is clear you need to keep your files available all the time. Organized file sharing is both easy and comfortable, but the problem with these services is the lack of security.

Both business and private activities can result in a lot of sensitive documents and files, needed to be accessed quickly, but also kept safe. At this point, nothing beats a secure document storage service that can provide both simplicity as well as certainty that the documents are safe from the hands of unwanted individuals.

People often fall into the trap of using inferior, free services, that only do half of the job. Although the shared data is quickly accessible, it is easy to steal or manipulate the information kept within. When it comes to security, a little extra cost can save you a lot of trouble in the long term. Free file sharing services often have back-end access to the uploaded documents and this means a potential security breach and a safety issue for the sensible information stored inside. The other problem is that those services often lack any form of data encryption, making it easier to steal the data, introduce hacking, identity theft or a possible fraud against the document owners.

Although a difficult or time-consuming set up can make it impossible to use most of the paid service systems safely. The drag & drop methods are often left out in favor of extra security measurements. However, safety does not necessarily mean that the program should lack easy-to-use features. Quick search and indexing should not be left out for these reasons.

DocuBank is a cloud-based operation, offering both safe and comfortable solutions for sharing and storing confidential data online. Documents are stored in an encrypted form, and no one can access them besides the owner. None of the uploaded data is shared with a third party and even system operators have no back-door connection to the stored files. Besides storing data, DocuBank also provides a convenient way for managing documents. It is easy to set up, and simple to use, getting familiar with the program takes about half an hour.

The most important reason for using a safe online storage system like DocuBank comes down to security. Even for everyday situations, it is important to see that making our online documents safe should always come first.

If you are interested in DocuBank or need further information, take a tour on our website.


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