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Cloud archive solutions

Cloud archiving is a great way to retain long-term data. Infrequently accessed files are often lost or stored inadequately even though they can hold sensitive information. Cloud-based data storing can be a handy solution for accessing those files easily, but only if they comply with safety regulations regarding data storing policies.

Cloud-based archiving has been a popular solution since the appearance of online storing systems, as it is easy to use, and files can be accessed anytime. Storing data in the cloud is cost-effective when comparing it to other methods companies use for keeping their nonprimary files in reach. With the help of these cloud data storages, there is no need to maintain or upgrade hardware systems and archiving software to handle outdated data. Also, it is easier to search for a specific file in the cloud than from different physical disks.

Choosing the suitable archiving system is crucial. A public cloud-based operation can hold a possible chance of security breaches, however complicated systems can make accessing the data a difficult process. When looking for a cloud-based archiving program, one should consider the provider’s terms and conditions to see if the data is displayed to any third party, and to see their policy on special cases like data recovery.

There are specialized products for clients who need a safe online storage space for their archive files. One of them is DocuBank which offering an end-to-end encryption based service, meaning that not only our files are easily accessible, but they are safely stored in the cloud as well. Archiving out of date data, mails, files, documents and other forms of electronic communication is made easier and more convenient for clients who wish to access them later. DocuBank is easily searchable and is offering a protection to deny accessibility to users who do not have the permission to access the given files.

Cloud-based archiving is an up-to-date alternative to other methods including the use of tapes, disks or any other form of hardware. It has low maintenance costs, it is easy to access and handle, there is little or no limits to the size of the data that can be stored, and it has a long lifespan. DocuBank offers an effective solution for safely archiving huge databases that can later be searched, edited and accessed from anywhere but only for those who have authority to do so.

If you are interested in DocuBank, or need further information, take a tour on our website.


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