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Advantages of EU based data servers

With the rise of new regulation standards, like the GDPR one can raise the question of what the differences are in keeping data inside the EU or outside, in the US. As the regulations on data protection are getting more serious in the EU, more and more companies are deciding to keep their personal and company-related data on EU based data servers that provide more safety for them.

More American companies are relocating data to European servers in order to comply with the new requirements of stronger EU privacy rules. They are doing it keep their data safe and out of reach of US intelligence services. For these companies, keeping their most confidential data on the cloud in the US is not an option as they can be forced via a National Security Letter to relinquish a copy of the data to the relevant authority. Authorities can even try and break their encryption methods there, with the help of external resources as well.

EU cloud services

Most of the largest, US-based companies are rushing to build data centers in the EU. Local cloud services for customers have been on the rise from these giants, as European servers mean more secrecy and a safer environment for confidential information.

Most of the cloud-based services are operating with EU based servers, and when it comes to choosing a cloud-based service, one should always read the contract thoroughly to see where the servers of the provider are located: are they inside the EU, or do they use server parks outside, for example in the US.

DocuBank is one of those leading cloud-based operators who offer to keep the data on servers that are located in Central Europe, under the protection of the GDPR and other strict regulations on data privacy. Like most of the European providers, we store encrypted data on our servers without disclosing any sensitive information on our customers. We shield our data traffic through complicated VPNs and proxy services and end-to-end encryption.

From a technological perspective, being based in Europe doesn’t mean any inconvenience for companies that operate outside the EU, howe, er from privacy aspects, data storage is much safer, and more secure there. Even though companies in the European Union have more restrictions on handling data from customers and other businesses, they also enjoy the same protections they are required to give others.


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