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How to select the right online backup company

Choosing the right Online Backup Company is hard work. It is a new task for most business owners, but it is also very necessary in today’s digital world. Today we put together some points you should consider before selecting the right company for your data.

1. Decide on a budget

For most people, this is usually the most important factor, but there are lots of hidden costs besides the monthly fees, and you should always check them. Some companies offer limited space in their basic fee structure, so if you need more space, you will have to pay for additional licenses.

2. Decide on what features you need

Some large companies will offer unlimited storage for a low price, but this often comes with other restrictions. Take a look at what features are offered. Are they just backing up files? Do they have encryption systems? A really good feature you should start looking for is the ability to backup an entire server via an Image backup. This will save you hours or even days when restoring a server.

3. What is the level of technical resources?

Some smaller companies only offer email support when your system goes down. This is not a comfortable solution when the system is not working and you feel powerless. If you look around at some of the big companies in Online Backup will add extra support in times of critical situations, so always check the exact services of the package you are investing in.

4. Where is the server located?

The internet can be very tricky. A service provider might have a great website and good promises, but hide where they keep their servers. Do they have a backup of their own, or are they unprotected?

 It is not the same if they are in the EU or in the US, as outside the European Union a less strict regulation is in act for privacy protection.

Backing up company data is highly important. Just because the service provider has a failure shouldn’t mean you have to upload all your data again. Ask the provider about the following things if you want to be sure and safe:

  • What type of equipment they use

  • Who has access to this equipment?

  • Where are the servers located?

  • Do they do their own backups?

Data loss is common nowadays, whether it is caused by power shortages, disk errors, hackers, physical destruction or accidental deletion. Without a solid data backup system, the entire business operation could go up in smoke, so always have a proper backup system by your side.


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