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How safe is the Cloud?

Cloud Storage can be much secure than you think. Files stored in reliable cloud services are some of the most secure files you can have if you have strong passwords to pair with them. On that topic, we already shared some pieces of advice with you. But what makes cloud safe in reality? Today we are going to dive into the topic and sum up our opinion.

Many still view cloud as a riskier and more insecure option, although it offers the possibility of having a safer environment than traditional document handling systems. The cloud brings together complex work systems and it helps people connect to their workplace as well as with each other.

Provided that only you know your passwords, it is impossible for others to use your cloud-based storage space and access your files. Also, if end-to-end encryption is included in the service the communication is secure between you and the server and it is nearly impossible to decode it. Besides, you can decide whom you give access to, regarding your data, and you can monitor their activity.

The problem of redundancy can also be eliminated by using cloud services. The service typically stores more copies of each piece of data, all in different places. You need to have all the copies disappear at exactly the same moment, meaning that a simultaneous hard drive failure is required for complete data loss.

So, what other safety measures are included?

The most obvious measurement is using encryption, both while the data is in transit and while it is stored on the cloud servers. Most of the time customers can choose to control their own encryption keys if they wish, as well as set the rules for who can and can't access the data.

Splitting the file data into different chunks is also an effective way to ensure safety for the files. This means that the pieces are separately stored and encrypted, so if someone breaks in they only get access to random blocks.

DocuBank is a cloud-based operation, offering both safe and comfortable solutions for sharing and storing confidential data online. Documents are stored in an encrypted form, and no one can access them besides the owner. None of the uploaded data is shared with a third party and even system operators have no back-door connection to the stored files. Besides storing data, DocuBank also provides a convenient way for managing documents. It is easy to set up, and simple to use, getting familiar with the program takes about half an hour.


The most important reason for using a safe online storage system like DocuBank comes down to security. Even for everyday situations, it is important to see that making our online documents safe should always come first. If you are interested in DocuBank or need further information, you can access it here.


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