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Unique signing folder

In today’s international business world, it is necessary for work environments to evolve and overcome developmental difficulties. Workplaces are redefined by new methods like the institute of home office or shared office spaces. On the one hand, small firms often offer extra flexibility for their employees in terms of work hours and by rethinking the place where they work from, while on the other hand, multinational companies are sending their employees on business trips and conferences that make working from one location less likely.

The problem of not being physically present often peaks in administrative matters. It is more and more difficult to find a place and time to sign and authorize contracts and memos in person, making it harder to stick to schedules and maintain deadlines. Either the decision-making personnel is on a long-term trip, conference or training, or the petitioner is working from a different location.

Online signing folders are a group of cloud-based storages with special functions regarding authentication processes. These kinds of cloud-based services are often operating on the same principles as secure online data storages. Secure online folders make being present at the same place outdated when it comes to signing contracts and confidential documents. However not every provider and program is capable of the protection of intellectual property. Free services lack data encryption or share clients’ information with third-party operators. This could lead to high-security risks, in the long run, so sparing a few cents can cost a lot later.

DocuBank offers a safe and easy method for making authorization process quicker and more convenient. It can be used as a secure and up to date online signing folder as well as a cloud-based, safe file storage. With its unique system, documents can be uploaded for decision makers to revise and authorize, then can be transferred back to the employee who requested the process. End to end encryption and individual authorization makes it secure to use and protects all data from unwanted individuals. As there are no back-doors built in the program and the data of the clients is not shared with third parties, security breach is an unlikely incident to happen while using it.

In today’s fast-growing world intellectual property is a burning topic, as the Internet has made it both quicker and easier to share data among one another. This means both a unique opportunity for passing on information, as well as a potential threat that data will end up in the wrong hands. DocuBank is offering a safe and trustworthy solution for these problems, while it makes administrative processes much easier by speeding up decision making and authorization processes.

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