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The virtual employee

Cloud data services are great for sharing files with employees and co-workers. Those systems help to keep documents organized and in-sync between all the relevant parties. There is a point in each company’s life when organizing certain files just by one attribute is not enough anymore. With the help of cloud-based solutions, keeping track of the relevant documents is made easier and more reliable.

There are several opportunities for implementing organizing methods in a company’s daily routine. Free and paid services are available as well, however, a proper background check regarding the provider’s general terms and conditions, and encryption services is crucial. This way sensitive information will not end up in the wrong hands.

Cloud storage has been a good solution for accessing files from different locations, but with the possibility to categorize data by labels, and making data appear in different group and dimensions, those services become more of a virtual employee than a space to hold information.

Anyone who has the authentication to search and change the documents can easily handle them, while third parties are shut out from the system. When choosing cloud-based storages for those purposes it is always very important to make sure that the two functions are implemented properly to avoid hacking or data theft.

DocuBank makes it easier to categorize and reach the most important documents of your company. There is a possibility to update the DocuBank document cloud in multiple dimensions. This means that you can label your documents by category, type, project, and by other data that is relevant to keep them organized.

If you are interested in DocuBank or need further information, take a tour on our website.


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