Construction project

Based on the fact that construction projects are complex and are usually implemented by a number of different companies, the systematic storage of the entire related documentation is usually problematic.

You can store all the different plans, contracts, records, construction site diaries systematically in the cloud with the help of DocuBank online service and access them on your laptop or tablet even on the construction premises.  

Documents uploaded to DocuBank can be linked to projects, therefore all documents related to a certain project can be easily and quickly retrieved at any time. Furthermore, the project-based access helps to define who has access to the documents belonging to a given project by setting up access rights.

After parameterizing access rights,   you can allocate user profiles to sub-contractors or to clients in multiple-user environments,  and they can access all documents that they have access rights to.

Main advantages:

  • Systematic storage of documents (independently from file format)

  • Access to uploaded material anywhere and anytime (through notebooks or tablets)

  • Sharing documents with sub-contractors, suppliers, clients (also with providing user access to them)


Tips&Tricks for construction companies using DocuBank

Upload all your partners and sub-contractors using the partner import function

Documents registered in DocuBank can be linked to companies, so you can easily organize and search documents based on companies.

Enter or import projects and their main data

Creating projects in DocuBank is another way to organize uploaded documents. Control access to project related documents by using the project authorization function.

Photo documentation of building suites can be uploaded to one document datasheet

Photos taken by you or the construction inspector can be uploaded as attachments to a document datasheet. Information like date of inspection, venue, the goal of inspection etc. can be recorded in custom fields previously created by yourself.

Create approval processes and digitize your invoice assessment process

Approval processes can be created for each document type individually, and they also may vary based on projects. Take your time and develop your unified approval system. Reduce the approval and payout times for invoices.

Simplify handling of incoming documents

Give your partners access to your DocuBank account and let them upload their documents instead of sending them to you by email. 

Do not depend on devices or locations

Access your DocuBank anytime from anywhere, even when you are on a building site. All you need are a cell phone, tablet or notebook with an internet connection and a browser.


Store and manage your construction documents online!

Customized cloud solution tailored to your needs