Store your research material, records, and reports in the cloud!

Should you work either in a smaller research group or in a group that is part of a larger international consortium, systematic storage of documents and mutual access to the uploaded material can greatly enhance the efficiency of your research work.

  • Systematic storage of research material

  • Storage of research samples (barcode identification supported)

  • Sharing documents, supporting cooperative work

  • Storage of hand-written records after scanning

  • Storage of any other, research system-generated records and reports

  • Storage of research-specific data interlinked with documents

  • Linking documents to research projects

  • Requesting the assessment of materials that require approval

  • Setting up research groups and group-based access rights to research materials

How can you use DocuBank in your research projects? Here are some ideas.

Systematization and Storage

Documents related to your research projects can be organized into different categories and types. To control access to documents you can use the category access rights. If you wish to see documents of different research projects in one place, you can create your research projects and link documents directly to them. You can create as many categories, types, projects as you like or need.

Examples of research project documents:Research project

  • Project agreements 

  • Documents on agreement negotiations

  • Instructions and conditions

  • Minutes

  • Informative materials

  • Action Plan

  • Reports

  • Participant information

  • Correspondence

  • Project-related decisions

  • Documents related to procurement 

  • Cost statements 

  • Accounting data / receipts

  • Defined budgets

  • Copyright agreements

  • Payment related documents

  • Reports on trips

Examples of research documents:

  • Research plan

  • Research protocol

  • Measurement protocol

  • Publications

Research repository

Document datasheets contain by default only basic document information. However, you can extend data fields according to your needs.

Examples for custom fields of a Research protocol document:

  • Sample ID

  • Date of measurement

  • Location of measurement

  • Measuring instrument

  • Responsible for measuring

  • Materials used during the measurement

Be creative and use the document datasheet to store all kind of document related data. 

High-quality work

Upload your forms and templates to ensure all project member create documents of high quality. Our template manager enables you to fill out previously uploaded templates with data recorded on data sheets. Create research protocols with ease by entering data on the document datasheet and creating the document with one click using your templates.

Documents and data always at your fingertips

Research team members can upload and reach documents anytime from anywhere. All documentation related to your projects will be available just when you need them, even at a conference or a meeting abroad.

Multi-lingual co-operation

DocuBank is a multi-lingual solution that enables users to access the system using their own preferred language. Make use of this feature in your international research projects.

Project budget monitoring based on documents

When creating projects you can define their budget on the project datasheet. Control your budget by recording expenses on your document datasheets. Project documents can be easily listed, and if you have recorded your expenses properly, you will be able to monitor expenses by exporting your list of accounting documents.


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