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Tips for managing international project teams

As the business economy is expanding, it is more common to work at an international business environment. This challenge requires special knowledge, both technical and practical ones. There is no way to have a solution fit for all, but there are some measurements one can take to increase international productivity and have a fluent workflow. Today we summed up some tips on how to get the best of your international projects and work situations.

1. Accept the cultural challenges

National culture plays a big part in how we behave, and we can’t change that – we can just learn how to make it work for everyone. Having an open mind about the challenges of managing an international project is essential. It helps you address them in a pragmatic way that benefits everyone.

Some of the main differences that you should be aware of include:

  • Time zones

  • Social norms

  • Language

  • Holidays

  • Connectivity

  • Labour laws

  • Business-related laws, ethics, and practices

  • Personal-privacy laws

2. Focus on communication

Getting together at critical times in the project is a sure way of moving forward with the minimal amount of miscommunication. Try to organize scheduled meetings even if it is just online to make sure that everything is working seamlessly.

3. Use Technology

Because you may not have the time or resources to constantly travel overseas, you have to utilize online tools to keep in touch and collaborate with team members. If you’re a business owner who is just starting out, have some powerful management and communication tools that are either free or affordable.

4. Use the right tools

Technology can help you put those communication skills into practice. People need to be able to hear and speak to each other in some format. Technology can ease the difficulties of international working, even if we have to accept its limitations with regards to the interpretation of messages communicated using it.

Skype, WhatsApp, and other tools make it easier to communicate, while online storage systems make file sharing easy. DocuBank is one of the top choices for making international work easier and more fluent, as it has several features to help the job.


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