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This is how smart technology is changing the leading industries

As the internet is rapidly expanding and smart technologies are becoming more and more available for commercial use, industries are getting on the new trends of taking these technologies into account when it comes to their progression. With demand for smart devices increasing, it’s absolutely no wonder. Today, we’ll discuss some of the latest trends in smart technology in three industries.

Fitness and Health industry

Ever since the first smart shoe was introduced in 1984 by Adidas, smart technology and fitness have been close companions. In recent years phone apps started to take over the fitness scheduling, while with the help of devices like fitness bands the industry reform was well underway from paper-based scheduling and training plans to smart devices like smartwatches, fitness bands and of course smartphones.

 As these devices have become more intelligent, the technology that powers them and their functions have improved as well. There are extremely helpful smart features, like the interaction with the app, personalized functions and a quick response time for every incident it is monitoring. Using these technologies, everyone from the active exerciser to the casual enthusiast will be able to better measure and optimize their workout regimen, even avoiding injury.

Energy and Conservation industry

Using energy and natural resources more intelligently is a great driving force behind the spreading of smart technology in the industry. In addition, these new technologies help to save money, as automation of processes that once required a human are now easily monitored by smart devices.

Our homes can be smarter as well, and smart tech has been proven to be a major player in environmental conservation. They are able to track and report on various kinds of environmental data, and with this information, they are helping us to reduce our natural footprint.


No wonder that smart devices had a major effect in transportation all over the world.

The way to work can be stretched due to heavy traffic, accidents and sitting in traffic is not a keen activity for the most of us. This issue is actively being worked on through smart technology. After all, with machine learning and AI behind the wheel, traffic as a whole could become a cohesive network, rather than the mass of individuals, all looking out for number one. We are closer to successfully revolutionizing automated transportation in a way that is practical for widespread application.

Smart technology is inevitably being adopted in more aspects of life. Although at the beginning many saw it a short-lived interest, it is clear now that it will help humankind to go beyond its current limits.


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