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How the entertainment industry was changed by the cloud

The entertainment industry would be unimaginable without online services. As consumer preferences were changing in terms of content consumption, there was an increase in consumer demand for relevant digital content. This required necessary improvements in display technologies, and also more hardware space was required to be efficient and to stay in the game. Everything has changed because of how digital content is delivered to consumers.

The traditional broadcasting methods are making way for more flexible, user-centered, agile, affordable, and personalized models in the entertainment industry. Take for example YouTube, Netflix and all of the other video streaming sites, and online TV-s. Several media giants of the present are shifting their focus to online broadcasting, as well as other small players, start-ups start to appear and play the game.

The market is becoming extremely competitive. There is a major shift in the industry due to cloud computing. With the help of it, giant media operators profit from it as well as small start-ups. They are enabled to run their networks and do massive improvements in the delivery of high-quality digital content. Also, big data is there to help them segment and target the market better together cloud computing. Those new possibilities are turning out to be the driver of growth for the industry.

Media and entertainment companies that were early adopters of cloud computing are also the ones with major viewership and market share presently. Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Go are just a few of the major examples there. Broadcasters are faced with several significant disruptions that are making cloud computing a necessity more than an option.

First of all, consumers are more and more demanding, and choices are needed to be delivered to them. Time plays another important factor, as delivery speed is crucial to stay in business. The third factor is keeping the costs as low as possible to keep up with all the innovations that are appearing each and every day.

Scalability, storing and analyzing data is the key to success as well as an opportunity for future growth. Content personalization for specific target audiences to enhance user experiences is the key to a good relationship with the customers.

Without a doubt, cloud computing has been the biggest opportunity and challenge for the entertainment industry. It is going to be the driver of change for a long time, and the companies who can adopt the quick changes are the ones that are going to win in the long run.


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