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A checklist for starting your business

Whether you are new to business, or just want to make sure you did everything right back then, this article is for you. To help you to start your business we would like to introduce a checklist to you that may help you along the process.

The checklist is a questionnaire that covers the various tasks you have to complete when it comes to creating your own enterprise. So, take out a pen and some paper, and start writing your notes while you follow our guide.

The guide consists of different sections depending on how involved you are in your business at that time.

First of all, let’s see the basics before starting your business!

  • Are you familiar with where you can find advice and support regarding your legal and governmental duties?

  • Do you have your fully prepared business plans to support your idea?

  • Can you describe the vision and mission of your business in only 5 sentences?

  • Do you have a business structure plan for you?

Knowing the basics gets you the long way. Always make sure to have clear, short answers to the fundamental questions, as these basic topics are the most relevant to your everyday business life. Clients and investors will always ask if you have a short vision of your business activity, and without a plan, you cannot survive in the business environment.

There are certain steps to take when you start your business as well. First and foremost, get familiar with our questions and see if you have an answer for them.

  • Do you have all the necessary licenses to operate?

  • Are you familiar with the taxes you are going to pay?

  • Have you registered your business name?

  • Do you have all the necessary IT equipment?

  • Do you have insurance?

  • Do you know how to employ your first employees?

  • Are you going to go online with your business? Do you know how this is going to happen?

Getting familiar with these duties will come in handy later on when you will be swimming in paperwork required by your clients or the government. It is necessary that these steps just pop in mind then without any hesitation.

The list goes on as you start to run your business. There are questions you will face then every day, as well as in the long run, and it is useful to have a prepared answer to those.

  • Do you know your obligations as an employer?

  • Are you familiar with the required health and safety regulations?

  • Are you in good terms with your suppliers?

  • Are you up to date with all your forms and contracts?

  • Do you know what to do when an emergency hits you?

  • Have you planned a proper daily routine for you and your employees?

  • Do you have a proper way to enquire new business partners and clients?

  • Are you up to date with your business plans? Do you follow them?

  • Do you have the proper backup system? Do you have the proper document management system?

In the end, it all comes down to how you can implement your ideas, duties, and tasks to your daily routine. Make sure to spend some time on improving these areas for your business.


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