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A checklist for choosing the right data storage company

As the Cloud is expanding there are countless opportunities when it comes to choosing a data storage company. As a business owner, your responsibility is to help your business to be successful, safe and flourishing. You need to get the best out of your workers and provide them the appropriate tools to achieve the goals.

Keeping track of everything, and making file transfers safe are some of the key factors for a stable work environment. With modernization, storing files has changed and nowadays instead of the classical way, where hard drives were included, it is more likely to store it at a safe online system. It is faster, safer, easier and also, more reliable.

There are many cloud data storage companies to choose one from. Most of them are equipped with a fully managed support service and backup system and are providing total security and multiple backup opportunities for their clients.

Choosing the right company is hard, given the possibilities we have, so today we collected a checklist to remember while choosing on a data storage company.

1. Look around and ask questions

Since it is your data that needs to be safely stored, it is important to ask a couple of basic questions:

  • Will you be given a fully managed storage solution?

  • What are the fees you have to pay?

  • How big is the storage space you get?

  • Will your storage related issues be resolved or will you be left to resolve them on your own?

  • Will you be charged for initial backups and restores?

  • Will the company provide your data to third parties?

2. Prioritise what is important

Make a list of the preferred companies, then compare their features with each other. See if they match your criteria of expectations towards cloud usage as well.

3. Do a Background Check

Read the reviews about the companies, and try to find the related news to them. See if they are as safe as they sound, and do not have any issues going against them at the moment or in the past.

4. Check the offer again

See if the deal you saw online is still the one they offer when you register. Also, if it is possible, try out the trial of the product first, then decide if you want to purchase the service.

Keeping in the mind the advices, it is more likely that you will choose the most suitable company for yourself at first, which is a company that will provide you with the most appropriate storage service and keeps your data safe at all times.


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