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Advantages of a paperless office

Going paperless today is quite an effective way to protect the environment and save us from some papercuts. A paperless office has a lot of pluses for your business, as almost half of the paper printed in offices ends up in the garbage by the end of the day, anyway. Besides environment protection, the reasons of going paperless are related to saving time and money. With the sophistication of modern hardware, software, and Internet services, it is becoming easier to transfer to a paperless office.  Today we collected some of the biggest advantages on the topic:

1. Cost efficiency

When bulky filing cabinets are eliminated and their data is stored elsewhere, a lot of free space is generated at the office. As a result, one might even reduce the lease, by renting out only smaller part of a particular building. In a paperless office, electronic faxes and email are not printed and mailed to clients by post, and this also reduces expenses and lowers your investment in reams of paper.

2. Possibility of home office

Processing documents electronically gives you the opportunity to work remotely from home, and you can offer flexible work schedules to your employees as well. This can improve efficiency and employee morale. Also, sharing files is much easier when you have a shared database that everything is saved in. No matter if you are on your laptop, desktop computer, as long as you have an internet connection, you have access to your files.

3. Increased searchability

The chances of losing important documents are lower when scanned and filed electronically, and the documents are often easier to find in an electronic system. Papers can easily go missing or end up in the wrong place. Looking for papers in the wrong place can be quite frustrating, and also time-consuming. With online file storage and proper labeling, this can be a thing of the past. A simple search will find any document you need.

DocuBank makes it easier to categorize and reach the most important documents of your company. There is a possibility to update the DocuBank document cloud in multiple dimensions. This means that you can label your documents by category, type, project, and by other data that is relevant to keep them organized.

4. Security

By keeping information in a digital database that allows you to adjust privacy settings, you have more control over the security of information. For example, you can adjust who are able to see specific customer information or internal information.

DocuBank can help you with this, as this system can be accessed from everywhere safely, using end-to-end encryption. Also, each company employee can have different access rights to different kinds of documents, and with the help of its indexing methods, files are easily searchable and are always at hand if needed.

5. Better client opinions

paperless office improves your customer service, allowing your employees easier and more accessible way to information. You’ll be able to respond to your customers faster, and this makes customer experience way better. Besides, your clients may view a paperless office favorably, approving of an environmentally friendly approach or admiring an efficient, cutting-edge company.

As going paperless requires a strong and stable background, it is crucial to know your way around internet security, safe file transferring and storing systems, and how to handle inside and outside threats. In our previous articles we have written on those topics, so make sure to check them out as well.


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