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How to stay safe during online shopping

More and more people do shopping online, as it is comfortable, convenient and oftentimes it is cheaper than the other alternatives. However, when the Internet is involved, certain risks are appearing every time we use it. To shop online safely, and protect your personal identity from malicious types, we brought you some tips that should be worth considering. [...]

Examples of insecure IoT devices that can cause nightmares

Internet of Things (or IoT) plays an extremely important part in our day-to-day life. Internet-connected technology is present everywhere, take for example smart assistants like Siri and Alexa, smart cars, smart watches, or even smart homes. These systems are helpful in our everyday lives, but also, they include a greater concern for enterprises who are unable to secure each and every device on their network. This gives cybercriminals opportunity to access their network with just one insecure device. [...]

Discussing blockchain

As Bitcoin became a sensation, many people became familiar with it, as the technology behind cryptocurrencies, but blockchain’s potential uses extend far beyond digital currencies. Today we are going to dig into the topic and sum up the basics of what we know about this new ground-breaking technology. [...]

How safe is the Cloud?

Cloud Storage can be much secure than you think. Files stored in reliable cloud services are some of the most secure files you can have if you have strong passwords to pair with them. On that topic, we already shared some pieces of advice with you. But what makes cloud safe in reality? Today we are going to dive into the topic and sum up our opinion. [...]

5 steps to consider before starting a business

A business always starts out as an idea, but you must be able to turn that idea into a prospering enterprise as well. There is always a time when it comes to feeling overwhelmed by the process, but it is understandable to freeze up sometimes. Like any big goal, if you start by breaking it down into smaller tasks, you’ll be able to walk enough of the actions that are necessary. Today we sum up 5 important things to consider when starting your own enterprise. [...]