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What to do during unexpected system crashes?

As a responsible business, you know better not to use back-ups to protect your data. Let’s suppose that you do it regularly as well, and save your system images and files to a place, outside your company’s work environment. This can be a hard drive storage or the cloud. We have mentioned some reasons to use the cloud before, as well as some tips for choosing the best backup and storage systems. So, let’s say you back up every other day after work when no one is using the network. But what if it is just a few minutes before the regular backup schedule, and the system breaks for some reason? [...]

Tips for managing international project teams

As the business economy is expanding, it is more common to work at an international business environment. This challenge requires special knowledge, both technical and practical ones. There is no way to have a solution fit for all, but there are some measurements one can take to increase international productivity and have a fluent workflow. Today we summed up some tips on how to get the best of your international projects and work situations. [...]

Useful plans to have in your company

Sometimes the most challenging part of business planning is knowing where to begin and having the resources to do so. Putting together a ‘to do’ list for your business is useful. Having the plans and checklists that enable you to achieve your tasks is even better. Today we summed up some of the most important plans to have, and gave you some examples on how to start them. [...]

How the construction industry can benefit from the cloud?

There is an enormous potential for the construction industry when it comes to benefitting from the cloud. It can support collaborative design between businesses, and it also makes file sharing with clients much easier. The need for collaboration in the industry is enormous, from early conceptual client-architect boardroom meetings to the engineering schematic meetings and reviews in on-site trailers. Many of the biggest companies have picked up early on the advantages of the cloud by realizing it is an essential need for their virtualized workflow. [...]