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Unique signing folder

In today’s international business world, it is necessary for work environments to evolve and overcome developmental difficulties. Workplaces are redefined by new methods like the institute of home office or shared office spaces. On the one hand, small firms often offer extra flexibility for their employees in terms of work hours and by rethinking the place where they work from, while on the other hand, multinational companies are sending their employees on business trips and conferences that makes working from one location less likely. [...]

The safe travel companion

With the cost of data storing plummeting and the flexibility of traveling increasing, it is essential to find a suitable solution for making our most valued files accessible for us all the time. Those who travel a lot in business related matters need a secure data storage by their side to support them in their daily routines by making it easier to download or upload most recent files. [...]

The virtual employee

Cloud data services are great for sharing files with employees and co-workers. Those systems help to keep documents organized and in-sync between all the relevant parties. There is a point in each company’s life when organizing certain files just by one attribute is not enough anymore. With the help of cloud-based solutions, keeping track of the relevant documents is made easier and more reliable. [...]

Cloud archive solutions

Cloud archiving is a great way to retain long-term data. Infrequently accessed files are often lost or stored inadequately even though they can hold sensitive information. Cloud-based data storing can be a handy solution for accessing those files easily, but only if they comply with safety regulations regarding data storing policies. [...]