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Tips on successful cloud migration

There comes a time when a company decides to migrate its assets to the cloud. But sometimes asset migration is easier said than done. Unless the business is specializing in cloud computing it should not do it alone, without any preparation. The least they can do is reading some advice on the topic to avoid a poorly executed migration that can lead to huge money and productivity loss. Remember, sometimes moving to the cloud could mean completely reorganizing the IT infrastructure of the company. Because of this, today we summed up some of our basic advice on how to move to the cloud. [...]

A checklist for starting your business

Whether you are new to business, or just want to make sure you did everything right back then, this article is for you. To help you to start your business we would like to introduce a checklist to you that may help you along the process. The checklist is a questionnaire that covers the various tasks you have to complete when it comes to creating your own enterprise. So, take out a pen and some paper, and start writing your notes while you follow our guide. [...]

Internet security threats to discuss

In our previous articles we have discussed some of the most burning internet security threats, and as of now, we thought it would be useful to make a summary of what we are aware of on the topic. 2017 was a year of several threats in the cyber world. WannaCry, Petya/NotPetya were just two examples of it, which we were discussing earlier. As we saw, the threats that occur nowadays have become more diverse, and hackers are working hard on discovering new ways to exploit the existing online security systems. [...]

Benefits of a Technology evaluation at your company

With the expansion of technical solutions and technology improvements, it is impossible to avoid them in a company’s daily life. Because of these changes, it is likely that you will need to actively evaluate your processes and optimize them, if possible. Today we gathered some advice on the topic. [...]

The GDPR in our point of view

In our previous writings we have talked about the GDPR regulations in general, but as it is now a hotter topic than ever, we decided to share some more on the topic. The General Data Protection Regulation has been all over the news in the past few months. Some companies were more prepared than others, and disputes were present all over Europe on how to implement the necessary requirements before the deadline passes. GDPR changes how personal data is being handled, meaning that organizations will have to change their practices drastically if they want to avoid fines. But the regulation does not necessarily mean that one must panic. However, every company needs to increase their awareness of and preparedness for GDPR, it is not necessarily an impossible task. [...]

This is how smart technology is changing the leading industries

As the internet is rapidly expanding and smart technologies are becoming more and more available for commercial use, industries are getting on the new trends of taking these technologies into account when it comes to their progression. With demand for smart devices increasing, it’s absolutely no wonder. Today, we’ll discuss some of the latest trends in smart technology in three industries. [...]

Is it time for a change in your security methods?

It is natural that you want all the best for your company. You do everything to protect it, however sometimes the familiar, slightly out of date methods are the ones that are stopping you from achieving your goal. You want to protect data, information and company strategies from the outside world, and you also want to eliminate risks as much as possible. However, there are always steps for improvement when it comes to online security and sticking to your own methods might not be helpful after all. [...]