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The future possibilities of the cloud

Although the cloud as a service has been around for quite some time now, its true potentials are still only partially realized. In connection with the topic, we summed up some ideas on how the cloud can and will shape our lives over the next period of time.

The real estate market and the cloud

As of today, the cloud is helping around the real estate industry by providing high-level computing powers for architectural tasks and building processes. But it is only the beginning, as it may be possible for it to change the whole industry and provide the digital infrastructure of tomorrow’s cities in general. Smart buildings, farms and power plants, in addition to driverless cars and drone taxis, trains and subways: all of the above are options for a safer and better-managed environment, thanks to the cloud’s ability to store and analyze data.

Transforming companies

Especially small and mid-sized businesses can be changed by the cloud, as it makes expensive data analytics and artificial intelligence available for them as well. All the different industries can achieve their distinct, separate clouds, all working to connect a digital ecosystem of different industry verticals.

Regardless of industry or size, all companies need digital infrastructure to support their business operations. With the cloud, this support system can be tuned to a production system, and this can help lowering shipping and inventory costs, as well as reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

Data management

The cloud is functioning as a data management system as we speak, and it can and will help society process the growing volumes of information. Social media, video, and content sharing websites are relying on the cloud totally, as the users consume more and more internet generated contents. The cloud will enable us to store this rising tide of data and mine it for usable insights.

Company related file management is also under change as cloud services are becoming more sophisticated. Archiving can be achieved paperless, as well as managing a high volume of invoices and other documentation. It is easier to store, label and access the company’s assets from anywhere and this makes work swifter and more comfortable for every employee. With end-to-end encryption, safety is not a concern either, and authentication processes help protect files from the unwanted eyes too.

The cloud is now almost a utility service like water or electricity, but there is still much to add and change about the system. As people are realizing the potential beyond the existing infrastructure, cloud computing is opening up new visions about the future.


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